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Heart of Europe

An incredible development situated on the renowned World Islands. Boasting 6 man-made islands that mimic European culture and architecture. With a unique blend of traditional and modern European design.

The resort complex is a small archipelago of artificial islands located four kilometers away from Dubai coastline. Since it features various architectural styles, The Heart of Europe is often called the World Islands. It is worth noting that there have been no Covid-19 cases on the resort’s territory to date. Natural isolation and strict safety protocols make The Heart of Europe one of the safest places of the world.

Each island is home to luxury 5-star hotels with open zones and all-year climate control function. It is a German pioneering climate-control technology that made the project come true. It allows simulating summer weather conditions of South Europe in hot Dubai. The climate-control system maintains an ambient temperature of 27 °C, wind speed of 5 km/h and 60% humidity. Let us describe each island of the archipelago The Heart of Europe in more detail.

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  • ACE-OP-4050
  • The Heart of Europe, World Island, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • From 350 Sq.Ft / 33 Sq.M
  • Apartment
  • From 1.6M AED
  • 80/20 Payment Plan
  • 2027


  • Island lifestyle
  • Prime beachfront properties
  • European lifestyle
  • Hassle-free processing

Payment Plan

20% On Booking
80% Instalments
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About Kleindienst Group

Established more than 30 years ago in Austria and Hungary, and present in Dubai since 2003, the Kleindienst Group is the largest European real estate company in Dubai with more than 1,200 employees over its diverse portfolio of businesses which include property development, construction, hospitality, property brokerage, and corporate business centres. As with everything at The Heart of Europe, our projects are designed to challenge convention in the industry and exceed expectations. Kleindienst normalizes the unexpected and brings the future mega-trends in the industry to the present.


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