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City Walk Dubai (also called Citywalk) is a strategically developed urban project amidst one of the most popular communities of Dubai – Jumeirah. Taking over 900,000 sq. m. of land, it was developed in two phases alongside a self-contained residential area. City Walk Dubai not only offers high-class living standards combined with exciting entertainment options but also ease of transportation. It has an ideal location under the shadow of Burj Khalifa and lies close to Downtown Dubai.

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Upscale Lifestyle

Featuring a blend of commercial and residential properties, City Walk provides a perfect lifestyle opportunity for those who prefer an upscale lifestyle. Not only is it one of the best places for a walk in Dubai, but the vibrant neighbourhood is also packed with numerous exciting activities including shopping and dining options. Due to its vibrant atmosphere, the area is considered a central part of the Jumeirah community, bagging the title as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai.

Eye Catching Architecture

You can walk around this metropolitan city under the shadow of sleek, shiny skyscrapers and catch glimpses of fairy lights and glittering palm trees on your way to your destination. The eye-catching unique architecture, holograms, statues and wonderful wall art adds a magical feel to the area. It has an ideal location under the shadow of Burj Khalifa and lies close to Downtown Dubai. Properties in City Walk Dubai consist of 34 tall, sleek mid-rise residential buildings that are complemented with a major commercial strip.

Mesmerizing wall art

Though one may get lost in the beauty of this mesmerising place, finding your way in and out of the crowd is quite easy. You will find guiding boards placed on every corner that guides you towards your desired spot – be it retail, dining or entertainment. Dining outlets, shopping brands, pools and outdoor chairs are all dotted alongside the outdoor retail complex.

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