An In-depth Guide To The Best Residential Areas In Dubai For Indian Families

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Dubai is known for its multicultural communities and has become a popular destination for Indians looking to settle down. However, with so many options, it can be overwhelming to decide on the best residential area for Indian families. In this blog post, we will be exploring the best residential areas in Dubai for Indian families, taking into consideration factors such as proximity to Indian communities, schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational activities. So, if you’re an Indian family looking to move to Dubai, read on to find out which areas will suit your needs the best.


Indians account for more than 30% of the overall population of Dubai and are the largest ethnic population in the UAE. Specifically, numerous Indians relocate to Dubai in search of better career opportunities and to provide a comfortable environment for their families. The Indian community constitutes the majority of expats in Dubai. When looking for a suitable place to live, Indians prefer certain residential areas in the Emirates.


Every year, a large number of Indians relocate to Dubai in search of better career and lifestyle opportunities. Another reason Dubai is preferred is its proximity to India.


There is no doubt that Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world. Due to its extravagant nature, there are quite a number of places that are very affordable relative to some other places for immigrants. These areas are highly populated by Indian families.


Dubai International City is a popular and budget-friendly residential project located in the Al Warsan region of Dubai, opposite the Dubai Central Fruit and Vegetable Market. Over 8 million square meters of country-themed architecture are residences, businesses, and tourist attractions. This list would be incomplete without mention of Dubai International City.


Deira is a popular and historic neighborhood in Dubai, UAE. It is one of the city’s most famous residential neighborhoods for Indian families and South Asians. The region provides excellent infrastructure for both residents and expats.

The area, which is located alongside Dubai Creek, is quickly becoming one of the most developed residential areas for both Dubai residents and expats. If you plan to relocate to Dubai for job opportunities, this is a good neighborhood to live in. Deira has a good number of luxury apartments. A large number of shopping malls ensure a pleasant shopping experience. The area’s ultra-modern buildings and towers also provide residential apartments and office space. Dubai International Airport is also nearby. Furthermore, the neighborhood is getting a makeover with new developments.


Dubai Sports City is a sports complex with multiple venues in Dubai. Sports City is a residential, retail, leisure, and recreational complex built around five major sports venues and several sports academic institutions. The community is positioned on Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and provides an affordable residential option for living in Dubai, backed by favorable urban infrastructure. In DSC as it is sometimes often called, there are three distinct residential districts: Canal Residence, Victory Heights, and Gallery Villas. Villas, mid-rise apartment buildings, apartments, and townhouses are among the residential options.


Al Barsha is a popular expat and family neighborhood in Dubai, UAE. Because of affordable housing and residential facilities, it is one of the best places to live If you are looking for an affordable place to live in Dubai, this is the place to be. Because of its proximity to Dubai’s two major roads, Al Barsha is easily accessible for working professionals. Workers or professionals from Media City, Intercity City, and Emaar Business Park can also easily travel to Al Barsha or consider it their home. There are also some apartments available. Besides good neighborhood facilities, Al Barsha does have decent infrastructure facilities. A number of dining options, cafes, market stalls, and grocery stores are in the neighborhood. The Mall of the Emirates, among the top five shopping malls in Dubai, is directly adjacent and an essential attraction. Ski Dubai, a large indoor skiing facility, is also located in the mall.


Bur Dubai is also one of the best neighborhoods for Indian families in Dubai.  It is part of the original city of Dubai, located on the western side of Dubai Creek. It is a historical district in the city. Additionally, it is one of the city’s largest residential areas, where you can find wonderful and adequate housing at reasonable prices. You will have a fantastic lifestyle once you become a resident of this location. This community is densely packed with attractions such as mosques, redeveloped heritage landmarks, and museums. The Shiva and Krishna Mandir, the city’s only Hindu temple, is also located in this area. The neighbourhood is home to the majority of Indian families, particularly Hindus.


In addition to the previously discussed residential neighborhoods in Dubai for Indian families, the city does have a number of other neighborhoods. 

Other prominent residential areas in Dubai include:

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